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We were given recognition on hydrogen water by TheNational Health Nourishment Research Institute and The National Life Center in 2016.
As a result of having investigated it for the hydrogen water of an aluminum bag, electrolysis-type hydrogen water, there were not a health benefit and safe enough reliable data.

Studying Hydrogen Water for more than 28 years !
We have been studying Hydrogen Water for 28 years.
We have studied with 20 Universities in(Japan, US, Korea, China) and have published thesis about how hydrogen water effects and how it works for our body. As a result of these studies, hydrogen water has clear evidence of its effectiveness for health maintenance.
Furthermore, a study on hydrogen water was conducted in a University and the research organization of each country and shows a hydrogen study data of our company.
☆There are scientific grounds.

The thesis about hydrogen has approximately 328 reports at various Universities in the world, and 30 reports of evidence by our company.
These evidence are scientific grounds.
Most of content of announced articles are of lifestyle-related diseases.
Our Company:
①Inspection of the antioxidant power at the molecules and material level
②Inspection of the antioxidant power at the cell
③Inspection of the antioxidant power at the internal organization
As a result of these three inspections, it was proven that there was antioxidant power to remove active oxygen.
These lifestyle-related diseases were developed in these organizations, with the conclusion that these illness that The Universities of the world has announced can be improved by these experiment.
It is only Doctor Suisosui that has carried out such integrated experiments, (and there is no announcement at the university in the world. )

Safety of Hydrogen Water
☆The safety has been inspected.
The National Health Nourishment Research Institute announced that it won’t be able to find safety of the hydrogen water, however our company already carried out experiments in conclusion it is equal to a new medicine, and it was proved that it’s safe.

We have performed safety inspections experiments on the safety of hydrogen water at two Universities. As a result, we received evidence for the safety of hydrogen water. We have been in production and sale of Doctor Suisosui for more than 20 years, and we have never had a claim that our customers have any poor physical condition by use to our products.

Additionally, Nippon Food Health Research Institute did the announcement of the result which tested the water mixed with Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus with hydrogen outbreak stick and the bacteria were not detected by sterilization of the hydrogen water.

Experiment using oil
☆We have performed various experiments.
We performed an experiment to measure a surface activity power, as a result, salad oil was dissolved 2.2 times more than tap water or mineral water.
The hydrogen water blends with oil in the body and can expect an effect to make it easy to exhaust it outside a body.

Hydrogen-related products are purchased by
mostly elderly people
According to the reference materials of the National Consumer Affairs Center, in the age group of the purchase of the hydrogen-related product, an elderly person 60 years or older occupies 60%. Purchased amount : (Less than \100,000 is 9.6%), (\100,000~\200,000 is 28.6%),
(\200,000~\300,000 is 25.5%)and (\100,000~\500,000 is about 70%),
(Less than \10,000 is a minimum of 0.5%)
Hydrogen-related products are mostly expensive, but we set a price very reasonable to use our products continuously so that our clients stay healthy for a long time.

A peroxidative lipidation is a cause of illness
Finally, we would like to inform you of the updated information.

☆Our hydrogen water is different from others.
If reactive oxygen molecules are accumulated in the body, it become lipid peroxide, and it causes illness.
After inspecting it in a research organization, the Doctor Suisosui was able to get a result when a peroxidative lipidation was removed by approximately 61% of reactive oxygen molecules being removed.
We performed various experiments on hydrogen to gather evidence which other companies haven’t done.
Our products are dependable that is why our 3 million customers are using everyday.
The Doctor Suisosui is a products based on evidence.

We wish you have maintain your health and you drink Dr. Suisosui continuously !

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