DHW User manual

Thank you for choosing DHW(hereafter referred to as “DHW”). Please read these instructions carefully and use the product as directed. Please keep these instructions at an accessible and convenient place.

DHW was developed in the course of health promotion and maintenance study. DHW is a truly revolutionary product which allows us to produce hydrogen rich water right at our own home. Molecular hydrogen is absorbed into our body and shows anti-oxidative function by neutralizing the harmful active oxygen(free radicals) which has been scientifically proven1)

DHW conforms to the tap water quality standard set by municipal government. Also, the resin used for the DHW sticks meets the voluntary regulatory requirements for food containers and packages. You may rest assure the reliable quality of DHW sticks. *Hydrogen (H2) has been assigned to #168 of Existing Food Additives by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.



– Warning –

・Do not put DHW stick in hot water or do not boil the water while the stick is in the water! : Gas pressure formed from heat might destroy the container.

・Keep out of reach of children and pets! : It might cause serious injuries or choking.

・Do not put the stick in mouth! : It is not food. It may cause choking or digestive disorders.

・If rashes or itchiness occur after using this product, stop use and consult a doctor. : This product is not a pharmaceutical item.

・Do not use the DHW sticks with hot spring water, carbonated (sparkling) mineral water, and any other drinks other than water such as juice, tea, coffee, coke, and etc. : It causes the deterioration of the stick and may result in bad fumes.

・Keep away from flame or do not heat the stick in the microwave. : Deformation, degeneration, or breakage might occur.

・Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. : It may cause deformation, degeneration, breakage, or premature deterioration
of stick(s). Please refer to the handling instructions on the back.

・Do not break, disassemble, or expose to strong impact! It might cause the deformation, degeneration, and/or breakage.


Please Note:
The specifications of this product may be changed without any notice due to improvements.


The instructions below are basic handling methods to use DHW effectively.

1.Put 0.5 to 2.0 liters ( ≠ 1 pint to 2 quarts) of water in a cleaned plastic bottle.

Use any types of drinking water such as tap water, purified water or mineral water(except hot spring water, carbonated (sparkling) mineral water). This product is designed to produce hydrogen by soaking the stick in water, not for purifying water in any way.

Please Note:

When using mineral water, make sure it is soft water (water hardness below 100 mg/L) at all times. When using hard water, the chemical reaction over accelerates and shortens the lifetime of the stick. Best use with pre-used mineral
water bottle (plastic bottle).

2.Wash your hands thoroughly, then rinse the DHW stick under running water.

Please Note:

Do not use soap or detergent to wash DHW sticks. Do not remove the cap from the stick or disassemble at any time.

3.Drop 1 to 3 DHW stick(s) in the bottle prepared earlier (point 1. of instruction) and screw the cap back on.

Prepare a bottle of hydrogen water with DHW sticks before going to bed, and you will get hydrogen-rich water with high hydrogen dissolved density the next morning.
Yet, if you wish to enjoy the hydrogen water within a short period of time, as a
standard time, please wait about 2 hours before drinking. Please put the stick(s) in your carry out bottles, too.

Immediately before drinking hydrogen water, tap and shake the bottle for about 5~6 times, so that more hydrogen will be dissolved in water for you to drink.

Please Note:

▶ Keep the stick(s) soaking in water at all time.
▶ Keep the bottle cap tightly screwed at all time.
▶ Because hydrogen is easily diffused in the air, drink hydrogen water within 15 minutes of exposure.
(Ex. Within 15 minutes after pouring into a cup)
▶ In rare cases, white floating substances might appear in water. They are crystallized natural minerals and/or a small amount of magnesium hydroxide that was produced along with hydrogen. At any rate, it is not harmful to the human body. You can feel confident about the safety of the product.
▶ For traveling, it is handy if you carry a smaller portable water bottle with a DHW stick in it.

4.The lifetime of DHW is 3 months after submerging in water.

5.For hygienic purpose, please change the plastic bottle after each month when using the disposable plastic bottles, and rinse the DHW stick(s) with running water at the same time.

Please Note:

▶Please dispose the used DHW stick as non-flammable garbage. Please follow the guidelines at your local community.


Unwrapped unused DHW stick

Read the instructions carefully; keep the stick(s) in the original plastic wrap and avoid high temperature, moisture, and direct light; store in the refrigerator. Use the stickes as soon as possible after removing the plastic package. Unused stick(s) which is kept in the original plastic wrap can be stored for 3 years.


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